The Horseshoe Bend Animal Control Facility operates under
regulations first established by Ordinance in August, 1972,
and codified under Title 6 of the Municipal Code of the
City of Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas. It is staffed by one
full-time A/C Officer. Department. HBAC strives to provide
caring, competent and professional service to the
Horseshoe Bend Community.

Dog licenses are mandatory in the City of Horseshoe Bend A license will ensure
quick identification and reunion if your pet becomes lost or missing.
Licenses are good for one year and expire December 31
Animal Control Officers enforce the pet license code
How to obtain an animal license:
The fee for a animal license is $10 or $3 if spayed or neutered
To obtain a animal license you must have the following:
A current certificate of rabies vaccination Proof the animal has been spayed/neutered

                                                                                                       Animal Control Services
Animal Control Officer duties include:

Enforcement of city codes and state laws that pertain to domestic animals
Investigation of animal cruelty complaints
Investigation of dog attacks or bites to humans and animals
Response to emergencies involving sick or seriously injured domestic animals, including potential human exposure to the rabies virus
Removal of stray animals from streets and other public areas.

Animal Control Section hours of service: Monday through Friday 8 a.m.- 4:00 pm
After duty hours and weekends for emergency situations only call 870 368-4203 to report an emergency.
Examples include:
Human life is in danger
Animal is in extreme danger
Non-emergency situations will be dealt with during normal duty hours
What to report and how to make a report:
Call the Police non-emergency dispatch number at 870 368-4203 to report:
Dog bites
Animal cruelty or neglect
Sick or injured wildlife
Human exposure/encounters with potentially rabid wildlife.

Animal Control Officer will respond to the following wildlife encounters/emergencies:
In a home or business that poses a threat to humans or pets
Between humans or domestic animals that could result in rabies exposures
When wildlife shows signs and symptoms of rabies

Animal Control Officer does NOT respond to the following:

Calls reporting wildlife nuisances
Examplesof wildlife nuisances include:
o Wild animals living under decks, storage sheds, porches
o Wild animals living in populated areas o Wild animals in attics, basements, garages and sheds
o Wildlife has damaged gardens, flower beds or shrubs
o Wildlife getting into garbage.

Get help dealing with nuisance wildlife this summer
During the hot, dry, sparse days of summer, wildlife is forced to expand its forage area, often into cities, townships, and, citizens yards and gardens. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC) Wildlife Hotline is 800-440-1477. Those who are having trouble with nuisance deer, can call the Calico Rock Regional Office and be referred to a biologist who will advise them. Those needing help with removal of coon or other nuisance animals, may find area volunteers who help with these type situations by visiting This page lists AGFC authorized volunteer nuisance wildlife operators and their contact numbers. However, callers should be aware that since these volunteers do not work for AGFC, there may be a charge for services. Those wishing more information about dealing with nuisance wildlife or who wish to reach an operator volunteer may also call the AGFC Regional Headquarters at Calico Rock, 870-297-4331.