Code Red

                        Code Red Saves Lives, Property

   The Code Red Weather Warning Alert System is an automated safety system offered free to residents of Izard county and surrounding areas. This system automatically sends a call to your home phone or mobile device in the event that the National Weather Service issues a severe weather alert for the area. Types of warnings include Severe Thunder Storm, Flash Flood, Tornado, winter storms, and general notifications. You may sign up for all of these notifications, or, choose the ones you prefer. You can also specify whether you wish to receive messages via call, text or email. Your contact information remains private. It will only be used for severe weather alerts.

    Residents are advised that tornado sirens are limited to specific areas surrounding their placement location and are not meant to alert those who are inside buildings or vehicles, therefore, the sound may not be heard by certain individuals in the event of emergency. As well, severe weather radios may not be mobile, or may fail despite battery backup in the event of severe weather or power outage. Code Red provides an alternative warning in the case of immediate danger in your area.

  To sign up for Code Red, you may visit, or, for assistance in signing up, you may call the Izard County EOM Office at 870-368-4113 and they will be happy to help you.