Information for New Residents of Horseshoe Bend and Izard County, Arkansas



Revenue Department (auto licensing and driver's licensing): Court Square, Melbourne, AR.    870-368-4335

County Clerk's Office: Rhonda Halbrook. Court Square, in the courthouse, Melbourne, AR.  870-368-4316

Department of Human Services: Melbourne, AR.  870-368-4318

Izard County Health Unit: Melbourne, AR.  870-368-7790

Tax Collector's Office: Marilyn Downing. Court Square, Melbourne, AR.  870-368-7247

County Assessor's Office: Tammy Sanders. Court Square, Melbourne, AR.  870-368-7810

County Judge's Office: Judge David Sherrell, Secretary Connie Dillard. Court Square, 

Melbourne    870-368-4328

Office of Emergency Management: Bill Beebe, Sonja Estes. Court Square, Melbourne  870-368-4113

Izard County Sheriff's Office: Melbourne, AR. 870-368-4203

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission: Regional Office Calico Rock, AR. 870-297-4331

Horseshoe Bend City Hall: 870-670-5113

Horseshoe Bend Police Department: 870-670-5113

Horseshoe Bend Emergency: dial 9-1-1 or call 870-670-5111

Horseshoe Bend Animal Control: 670-670-4474 (if the officer is out, the phone will roll-over to City Hall)     

Horseshoe Bend Water and Street Dept: 870-670-5885

Horseshoe Bend Library: (#9 Club Road) 870-670-4318

Recycling Center: (Commerce St., HSB) Wed. & Sat. 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Horseshoe Bend MRID Office: (at the clubhouse on Turkey Mountain) 870-670-5184

Horseshoe Bend Area Chamber of  Commerce: 870-670-5433

Post Office: Hwy. 56, Franklin, AR.  870-322-7250

Social Security Administration: 1-800-772-1213  

White River Agency on Aging, Inc. 368-3243     

Safe Ride Transportation 870-994-7233

Izard County Senior Center 368-4830 

Ozark Adult Protection 870-368-366 Logistic Care 1-866-854-8764 Horseshoe Bend Alzheimers Support Group 870-670-4814

Century Telephone: 866-293-9170

Crystal Broadband Cable Company: 877-405-4997

County Road Conditions: 1-800-245-1672

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